Tunneling Milling Extension Rod T38 CNC Rock Drilling Tools


Tunneling Milling Extension Rod T38 CNC Rock Drilling Tools Product Description

Manufacturing process and materials:

The Tunneling Milling Extension Rod T38 CNC Rock Drilling Tools adopts CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining technology to ensure product accuracy and consistency.

The raw material is high-quality steel, which has undergone advanced heat treatment technology to enhance the durability and reliability of the product.

Product features:

As a part of the drill pipe string, especially when used as the first drill pipe, it can significantly improve the accuracy of drilling.

Provide a variety of different lengths and thread sizes to choose from, such as R25 R28, R32, R38, T38, T45, T51, etc. to meet the needs of different tunnel excavation and rock drilling projects.

Application field:

Mainly used in the fields of tunnel excavation and rock drilling, including but not limited to mining operations, quarries, and basic engineering in various construction projects.

Price and Supply:

The price varies depending on the purchase quantity, specifically: 5-9 pieces are US150.00, 10-29 pieces are US145.00, 30-49 pieces are US140.00, 50-99 pieces are US120.00, and more than 100 pieces are more favorable prices.

Suppliers can provide a full range of drift, tunnel excavation drill rods and other drilling tools to meet the needs of different projects.

Other information:

The drill pipe adopts a threaded system, which improves the connection stability and work efficiency with the drilling rig.

Suppliers usually provide 3 months of after-sales service and warranty to ensure that customers receive timely technical support and solutions during use.

Summary: Tunneling Milling Extension Rod T38 CNC Rock Drilling Tools is a high-quality rock drilling tool manufactured using CNC machining technology. It has the characteristics of high precision, durability, and strong reliability, and is suitable for various tunnel excavation and rock drilling projects.


Part NumberProduct Code and Brief DescriptionLength (mm)Length (ft/inch)Diameter (mm)Diameter (inch)Weight (kg)
4148300770ER39-T38-1220, T38 Extension Rod, T38-Round 39-T38, Flushing Hole 14.5 mm, Wrench Flat 32 mm12204    391 1/210.2
4148300771ER39-T38-1525, T38 Extension Rod, T38-Round 39-T38, Flushing Hole 14.5 mm, Wrench Flat 32 mm15255    391 1/212.8
4148300772ER39-T38-1830, T38 Extension Rod, T38-Round 39-T38, Flushing Hole 14.5 mm, Wrench Flat 32 mm
18306    391 1/215.3
4148300773ER39-T38-2435, T38 Extension Rod, T38-Round 39-T38, Flushing Hole 14.5 mm, Wrench Flat 32 mm24358    391 1/220.4
4148300774ER39-T38-3050, T38 Extension Rod, T38-Round 39-T38, Flushing Hole 14.5 mm, Wrench Flat 32 mm305010    391 1/225.5
4148300775ER39-T38-3660, T38 Extension Rod, T38-Round 39-T38, Flushing Hole 14.5 mm, Wrench Flat 32 mm366012    391 1/230.9
4148300776ER39-T38-3965, T38 Extension Rod, T38-Round 39-T38, Flushing Hole 14.5 mm, Wrench Flat 32 mm396513    391 1/233.2
4148300777ER39-T38-4270, T38 Extension Rod, T38-Round 39-T38, Flushing Hole 14.5 mm, Wrench Flat 32 mm427014    391 1/235.7
4148300778ER39-T38-4880, T38 Extension Rod, T38-Round 39-T38, Flushing Hole 14.5 mm, Wrench Flat 32 mm488016    391 1/241.0
4148300779ER39-T38-5530, T38 Extension Rod, T38-Round 39-T38, Flushing Hole 14.5 mm, Wrench Flat 32 mm553018 1/7391 1/246.3
4148300780ER39-T38-6095, T38 Extension Rod, T38-Round 39-T38, Flushing Hole 14.5 mm, Wrench Flat 32 mm609520    391 1/250.9


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