YN27C petrol rock drill

YN27C Hand-Held Gasoline Rock Drill/ Petrol Rock Drill Jack Hammer/Rock Drilling is a hand-operated rock-drilling tool, composed of a small gasoline engine, an air compressor and rock drill.

  • Model: YN27C
  • The host weight: 27kg
  • Drilling depth: ≥6M
  • Iron idling speed: >200r/min
  • Iron shank size bit rod: 22x108mm
  • Over 15 years experience in rock drilling TooLS industry.
  • Shandike only uses high-quality raw materials.
  • We set up our products standard matched with world leading brands.
  • Advanced processing equipment extends the service life of products.


YN27C type internal combustion rock drill is widely used in mining, road construction, quarrying, national defense engineering, etc., with various functions of splitting, crushing, tamping and chipping for mining, cement road surface and asphalt road surface.

Handheld YN27C internal combustion rock drill Save time and effort and chisel fast

YN27C internal combustion rock drill has the functions of drilling, splitting, crushing, ramming, shoveling and so on. It can drill holesin rock vertically down, horizontally down to less than 45° and vertically down to the deepest 6 meters. YN27C is widely used in mining, road construction, quarrying, national defense engineering, etc.

  • The machine is easy to operate, more time saving, labor savinS, with fast chisel speed, high efficiency.
  • At present, the machine naseached the first-class level of similar products, and the parts ointernational similar products can be completely inter chang eable.
  • The machine is portable, with anti-skid handle, make the work more safe and efficient.


modelYN27CDeepest drilling depth>6M
The host weight27 kgFuel tank capacity≥1.14L
Carburetor typeNo float typeThe borehole speed≥250MM/MIN
engine typegasoline engineRatio12° 1
sparking modeSR contactless systemSpark plug electrodega0.5-0.7MM
engine capacity185cm3Oil consumption rate<0.12L/M
Legal and load speed≥2450r/minStriking energy>25J
Iron idling speed>200r/minThe borehole diameter26-46 (MM)
Iron shank size bit rod22x108mmIron shank size bit rod Hexagon22 x108mm

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