Thread Button Bits

We offers a full range of thread button bits. With High strength chromium-molybdenum steel and the best carbides made in China, we produce all threaded button bits by hot press technology.

  • Thread size: R25, R28, SSR28, R32, SSR32, R35, SSR35, R38, T38, T45, T51, SST58, SST68, SGT60;
  • Head diameters: 33mm ~ 152mm;
  • Face designs: flat face, drop center, uni-face;
  • Over 15 years experience in rock drilling TooLS industry.
  • Shandike only uses high-quality raw materials.
  • We set up our products standard matched with world leading brands.
  • Advanced processing equipment extends the service life of products.

Introduction to thread button bits

Threaded drill bits are also knowm as button bits which conmect with threaded dri11 rods by threads to transfer impactpower and rotation torque for breaking rocks, The threaded dri11 bits, working with hydraulic dri11 rigs and hydraulic jumboshave main threads of R22, R25,R28, R32, TR35, T38, T45, T51, ST58, ST68, EL60, EL68 and T60.

Materials and craftsmanship

Material: premium alloy steels

Insert Tech: hot-pressed carbide inserts

Face Type: Flat front( for drilling in medium to hard and abrasive rock formations

Drop center front( Reduced hole deviation for drilling in medium-hard rock formations)

Button Type: Hemispherical/Parabolic/Ballistic / Conical

Color: Green, Orange, Gold, Black or based on customer requirements.

Processing: CNC milling and proprietary heat treatment process


Alloy buttons are hot mounted into the drill bit, ensuring the bit good accuracy and durability;
Reliability ensured by premium drill bit materials and premium alloy button;
Different types designed for different drilling scenarios and rock conditions;
High speed and drilling efficiency;
Cost-effective, good performance with reasonable price.


Threaded drill bits are widely used in openpit mining, underground muning,tumeling, anchoring, furmace tapping, tunnel construction, hydropower engineering, quarrying and construction.


Threaded Button Bits
Thread  TypeR22 R23 R25 R28 R32 R35 R38 TR28 TR32 TR35
T38 T45 T51
ST58 T60 ST68 EL68 EL60
Diameter of Bit28-165mm (R Threads)
64-178mm (T Threads)
89-152mm (Other Threads)
Skirt TypeRetrac, Reinforced, Standard
Face  DesignFlat Face , Drop Center Convex 
Button ShapeConcinal Semi Ballsitic Parabolic Full-Spherical , Hemispherical

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