Y018 Air Leg concrete rock drill

Y018 hand-held, air-leg dual-purpose rock drill is suitable for drilling blast holes on soft, medium and hard rocks, and can be used with air compressors such as W-1.5/4, W-1.8/5, W-2/5. They are widely used in mines, hydraulics, prospecting, quarrying, highways, transportation and national defense projects. The hand-held rock drill can perform all-round rock drilling. The air leg rock drill can be matched with FT100 air leg to drill horizontal and inclined blast holes.

    • Over 15 years experience in rock drilling TooLS industry.
    • Shandike only uses high-quality raw materials.
    • We set up our products standard matched with world leading brands.
    • Advanced processing equipment extends the service life of products.

    Y018 hand held pneumatic Jack Hammer Air Leg concrete rock drill

    Hand-held Rock Drill is widely used for dry drilling in the medium-hard and hard rock. It is widely used in metallurgy, coal,railway, transportation, water conservancy construction and national defense stone works, etc. It is suitable for drilling andblasting under various of rocks at any direction angles.

    Y018 Hand held rock drill


    1. Higher efficiency and reliability.
    2. Lower noise and Lighter weight.
    3. Stronger impact frequency.
    4. Longer life of wearing parts.
    5. Environment protection.
    6. Wet drilling and easy cleaning air/ water holes.
    7. Safe and easy to operate.

    Y018 Hand held rock drill Tapered drill rod

    Tapered drill rod,another name called taper rod, tapered drill steels, This provides a hexagonal chuck section to provide leverage for the rotation chuck bushing. It usually has a forged collar to maintain the proper shank striking face position in the rock drill, and a tapered bit end. Tapered steel lengths available from 0.6 mto 3.6 m in length—are measured from the collar to the bit end 


    SHANK SIZE(MM)22*10822*10822*10822*10822*108
    CYLINDER DIA(MM)6570758067
    PISTON STROKE(MM)6070706070
    WORKING PRESSURE(MPA)0.40.4-0.630.4-0.630.4-0.50.4-0.63
    IMPACT FREQUENCY(HZ)2828282828
    AIR CONSUMPTION2555477555
    AIR PIPE INNER DIA(MM)1919191919
    ROCK DRILL HOLE DIA(MM)30-4530-4530-4530-4530-45

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