R25 Rock Drilling Tools for Drifting Tunneling Spherical Buttons Drill Bit


R25 spherical drill bit: a rock drilling tool designed specifically for drift and tunnel excavation
Product features:
This drill bit is designed for soft to medium hardness rock formations and is a high-speed drill bit. It uses spherical tungsten carbide inserts and is known for its excellent resistance to tungsten carbide fracture.
The SHANGIKE drilling equipment allows drilling workers to replace drill bits without replacing drill pipes. If the goal is to reduce hole deviation in small aperture drilling, the driller usually chooses a conical cross-section drill bit. Different taper angles exhibit different characteristics in terms of the “knock out” index – smaller taper angles can effectively prevent drill bit rotation. This drill bit is particularly suitable for drift and tunnel excavation operations.
The main body of the drill bit is made of high-grade steel and processed through advanced CNC machine tools and heat treatment processes to ensure the high quality and durability of the product.


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