Threaded Rock Drilling Tools T45 76mm Retrac Button Bits


Product type: Drill Button Bits
Thread specification: T45
Diameter: 76mm
Main body type: Retrac Body
Tip shape: spherical or ballistic
Material: Tungsten Carbide, high-strength alloy steel (Tungsten Carbide), High Strength Alloy Steel)
Color: Green or Customized
Processing type: Forging
Application areas: mining operations, drift and tunnel excavation, quarries, mining operations, Drifting And Tunneling, Quarrying, Construction)
Formation type: Hard Formations
Connection method: T45 Drill Rod

T45 76mm Retrac Button Bits
Thread rock drilling tools
Tungsten carbide embedded rock drilling tool
T45 button drill bit for rock drilling
Product Name: T45 76mm Tungsten Carbide Insert Scalable Drill Bit
Our strengths:
Using high-quality raw materials for production to ensure product quality and performance.
We have rich manufacturing experience and strict quality control system to ensure that every product meets high standards.

Product Description

Product Namedifferent rock hardness drilling button bit
DescriptionFor different rock hardness mining,tunneling,quarrying button bit

Button bit Made with high quality of best quality alloy steel bar and tungsten carbide, through heat treatment.
MaterialAlloy steel bar and tungsten carbide bit
MOQtrial order 5-10pcs
Body TypeNormal type and retract type
Button shapeSpherical and Ballistic
Face shapeFlat shape and Drop-center shape

Specification as below:

Product NameBit DiameterCarbide ButtonAngleFlushing HoleWeight (kg)
(mm)(inch)Front(No. x mm)Gauge(No. x mm)FrontSide
T45 Retrac Bit702 3/43×11, 1×96×1135°32.5
702 3/44×10, 1×108×1135°42.5
7633×11, 1×116×1335°313.2
7634×11, 1×118×1135°43.2
7634×11, 1×118×1235°43.2
893 1/24×138×1340°25.4
893 1/26×118×1235°25.4
893 1/23×11, 2×118×1335°315.4
893 1/24×11, 1×118×1235°45.4
893 1/24×13, 1×138×1335°45.4


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