Hex Rods MF Rod For T38 Rock Tools Drilling Equipments


Hex Rods MF Rod, designed specifically for T38 rock tool drilling equipment, has a series of characteristics and specifications. The following is a detailed introduction to it:

Hex Rods MF Rod For T38
Basic information
Model: Hex Rods MF Rod (compatible with T38 thread system)
Usage: Used for T38 rock tool drilling equipment, especially suitable for situations that require high-precision and high-efficiency drilling.
technical parameter
Mainly using high-strength alloy steel to ensure the strength and wear resistance of drill pipes.
High strength chromium molybdenum steel and other high-quality materials provide high fatigue strength and good wear resistance.
Processing method:
Using the most advanced CNC machinery for processing and heat treatment to ensure the accuracy and durability of the product.
According to different needs and application scenarios, the length is usually between 600mm and 6400mm and can be customized.
The diameter range may cover 20-50mm, depending on product specifications and application scenarios.
Thread system:
Adopting T38 thread system to ensure compatibility and efficiency with T38 rock tool drilling equipment.
Performance characteristics
High precision: As the first drill pipe in the drill string, it can further improve drilling accuracy.
High efficiency: Under good rock conditions, compared to the combination system of drill pipe and connecting casing, it can produce more straight holes and at least 10% higher penetration rate.
Durability: High strength materials and advanced processing technology ensure the durability and stability of drill pipes.
Application scenarios
Especially suitable for step and long hole drilling, as well as other situations that require high-precision and high-efficiency drilling.
matters needing attention
Before use, please ensure the compatibility and compatibility between the drill pipe and T38 rock tool drilling equipment.
During use, please follow relevant safety regulations and operating guidelines to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment.


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