TAPER DRILL STEEL is a special type of drill pipe material mainly used for small hole drilling operations in geological exploration, mining, construction and other fields. The following is a detailed introduction about TAPER DRILL STEEL:

Structure and Design:
TAPER DRILL STEEL typically adopts a conical design, which helps to better break rocks and soil during drilling and improve drilling efficiency.
The conical drill bit steel combines high-quality impact drill rods and wing designs similar to rotary drill bits, which help to discharge cutting materials from the hole while maintaining the straightness of the hole.
Working principle:
The working principle of TAPER DRILL STEEL is similar to traditional impact drill rods, which apply an impact force at one end to transmit the shock wave to the tungsten carbide rock drill bit at the other end, thereby breaking the rock.
At the same time, the drill bit/steel rod will rotate slightly to break new rock and blow air or air/water mixture into the hole through internal channels to remove cutting material from the surface of the drill bit and flush the cutting material out of the hole.
Features and advantages:
TAPER DRILL STEEL is suitable for harsh geological conditions, especially in situations where rock fragmentation is poor or there are cracks that absorb shock waves. Its design helps to reduce “sticking” and improve drilling success rates.
The conical design and wing structure help maintain the straightness of the holes, reduce deviations, and improve drilling quality.
Suitable for handheld small hole drilling, the length range is usually 0.4-8 meters, and can be customized according to specific needs.
Materials and Manufacturing:
TAPER DRILL STEEL is usually made of high-strength and wear-resistant materials such as stainless steel and high manganese steel to ensure a longer service life in harsh drilling environments.
During the manufacturing process, precision forging and heat treatment processes are used to ensure that the conical drill bit steel has excellent mechanical properties and wear resistance.
Application field:
TAPER DRILL STEEL is widely used in small hole drilling operations in geological exploration, mining, construction and other fields, such as soil sampling, rock drilling, foundation pile hole construction, etc.
When using TAPER DRILL STEEL for drilling, appropriate drill bit models and lengths should be selected based on specific geological conditions and drilling needs.
Regularly inspect the wear of drill bits and replace severely worn ones in a timely manner to ensure drilling efficiency and safety.
Follow the correct drilling operation procedures and safety precautions to ensure the safe operation of drilling operations.

H-series models:
H19, H22, H25: These models usually indicate the diameter or size range of the drill bit. For example, H25 may indicate that this model is suitable for drill bits with a diameter of 25mm or similar sizes.
Features: High strength, high wear resistance, suitable for rock drilling and mining operations.
B-series models:
B19, B22, B25: Similar to the H series, The B series also represents the diameter or size range of drill bits.
Features: These models may focus more on specific geological conditions or drilling depths, providing different hardness and wear resistance.
7 degrees, 11 degrees, 12 degrees Model:
These numbers may indicate the taper or angle of the drill bit. Cone is the degree to which the diameter of a drill bit gradually changes from one end to the other.
Features: Different tapers are suitable for different rock types and drilling conditions. For example, a steeper taper may be more suitable for drilling in hard rock, while a gentler taper may be more suitable for drilling in soft rock or soil.
Length range:
The length range of TAPER DRILL STEEL is usually 0.8-8m, and the specific length can be customized according to drilling requirements.


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