3.66 Meters Threaded Extension Drill Rod T38-39mm


The drill pipe design adopts the T38 thread system, which is particularly suitable as the first drill pipe in a regular drill string. This choice can significantly improve the accuracy of drilling. Moreover, due to its unique speed rod design, under ideal rock conditions, it can create more straight holes and increase penetration by at least 10% compared to traditional drill pipe and connecting casing combination systems. This feature makes it an ideal choice for step and long hole drilling.

3.66 Meters Threaded Extension Drill Rod T38-39mm
The following are the main features of the drill pipe:
High quality raw materials: Ensure excellent basic performance of drill pipes.
High grade steel manufacturing: precision machining and heat treatment are carried out through the most advanced CNC machinery, ensuring the durability and accuracy of drill pipes.
High strength chromium molybdenum steel: This material not only has high fatigue strength, but also has excellent wear resistance, ensuring the stability and reliability of drill pipes under long-term and high-strength operations.

Model: T38
Application: Mainly used in coal mining, quarry drilling, construction, stone drilling and other fields.
Advantages: High performance, wear resistance, and factory price.
technical parameter
Material: Carbon steel, with high strength and wear resistance.
Thread: T38, may also include other thread specifications such as R25, R32, T45, T51, Gt60, etc.
Length: The length of products provided by different suppliers may vary, such as 3050mm, 3660mm, etc., or customized according to customer needs.
Packaging: Products can be packaged according to customer needs, such as wooden packaging.
price information
Price range: Prices may fluctuate depending on different suppliers and order quantities. For example, some suppliers offer prices ranging from US 216.00 to 246.00 per Set, while others offer prices ranging from US 70.00 to 300.00 per Piece.
Minimum order quantity: usually 1 Set or 10 Pieces, but it may vary depending on the supplier’s requirements.


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