Tunneling R28 Drifter Rod Hex28 length2400mm


Model and size:
Model: R28 Drifter Rod Hex28
Length: 2400mm

Tunneling R28 Drifter Rod Hex28 length2400mm
Materials and Applications:
This product may be used for drilling or drilling equipment in tunnel engineering, with sufficient strength and toughness to handle drilling in rocks or other hard materials.
The common material may be high-strength alloy steel, which can withstand high stress and wear resistance.
Connection and adaptation:
Due to its Hex28 model, it indicates that its hexagonal cross-section may be used in specific drilling rigs or drilling tool systems.
Usually, this hexagonal drill pipe is threaded to the corresponding drilling rig or tool head to ensure stability and connection reliability during the drilling process.
Performance characteristics:
High strength: able to withstand high stress and impact during drilling.
Wear resistance: able to resist the wear caused by long-term drilling.
Adaptability: May be suitable for various drilling conditions, including rocks and soils with different hardness.

Drill rod using R25/R28/R32 thread system.  Suited for short hole drilling operations.Used in drifting and tunneling. 
Competitive Advantage

High strength chromium-molybdenum steel with high fatigue strength and excellent wear resistance
Specification(R28 Drifter rod)

ProductR28 Drifter Rod


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