T38 Rock Drill Bit with Rope Thread x Button Bit


T38 Rock Drill Bit with Rope Thread x Button Bit is a type of drill bit specifically designed for rock drilling applications. The “T38” refers to the thread size, which is a standard thread size used in rock drilling equipment. The “Rope Thread” indicates that the bit has a threaded connection that allows it to be attached to a drill rod using a rope thread system. The “Button Bit” refers to the design of the cutting face, which typically has raised buttons or teeth that are used to cut into the rock.

This type of drill bit is commonly used in mining, quarrying, and other applications where hard rock needs to be drilled. The rope thread connection allows for easy attachment and detachment of the bit from the drill rod, while the button design provides efficient cutting and drilling performance.

When selecting and using a T38 rock drill bit with rope thread and button design, it is important to ensure that the bit is compatible with your specific drilling equipment and that it is properly maintained and used according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Regular inspection and replacement of worn parts, such as cutting teeth or button tips, is also important to maintain optimal drilling performance.


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