Atlas Copco/Secoroc Threaded Drill Bit (Button)90510207


Product description: Ball button drill bit

Drill bit type: X-shaped drill bit (solid center)

Diameter: 41mm (i.e. 1-5/8 inches)

Product number: 90510207

Product codes: 102-5041-56, 39-20

Number of buttons: 7

Button specification: Button diameter (mm) information not provided, but button arrangement is: 4 outer rings x 9mm, 2 center x 9mm

Flushing holes: 2 on the side and 1 on the center

Approximately weight: 0.6kg

Thread type: R25

Steel grade: 50R61

Carbide grade: BH30

This spherical button drill bit, with its X-shaped design and solid center structure, ensures high efficiency and stability in hard rock drilling. Its diameter and button layout are designed specifically for specific drilling tasks and are suitable for use in various rock types. In addition, the selection of steel and carbide grades further ensures the durability and cutting performance of the drill bit.


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