Our drilling tools are designed to deliver high production footage at the lowest possible cost. Products are precision machined from high quality steel, then heat treated to insure strength and durability.

The description “1” X 4-1/4 “125 ROPE/R32 DRILL STEEL-SHANKED RODS” involves several key specifications and features used to describe a specific type of drill steel or drill rod. The following are detailed explanations of each section:
1 “: This usually refers to the diameter of the drill pipe, which is 1 inch.”. The diameter is an important parameter of the drill pipe, which determines the type of rock and drilling conditions that the drill pipe can handle.
4-1/4 inch: This refers to the length of the drill pipe, which is 4 and 1/4 inches. However, this length appears relatively short because in many applications, the length of the drill pipe may be measured in feet, and the length is usually much larger than this value. But it could also be a short pole in a specific application or product series.
125 ROPE: Here, “ROPE” may refer to the drill pipe being designed for a specific type of drilling rig or drill rope. 125 may be a code or standard indicating that the drill pipe is compatible with a specific drilling rig or drilling line system. The specific meaning of this code needs to refer to the manufacturer’s documentation or product instructions.
R32 DRILL STEEL: This clearly indicates the material or type of drill pipe, that is, R32 steel. R32 steel is a commonly used material for manufacturing drill rods, which has good strength, wear resistance, and toughness, and is suitable for various drilling and rock drilling applications.
SHANGED RODS: This indicates that the drill pipe has a special “shank” design, which may be used to connect with a certain type of drilling rig or drill bit. The design of the rod head is crucial to ensure a strong connection between the drill pipe and the drilling rig or drill bit, thereby transmitting high torque and axial force.
In summary, “1” X 4-1/4 “125 ROPE/R32 DRILL STEEL-SHANKED RODS” describes a type of drill pipe with a diameter of 1 inch, a length of 4 and 1/4 inches, made of R32 steel, and a special rod head design, suitable for 125 ROPE standard drilling pipes. This type of drill pipe may be used for specific drilling or rock drilling applications.


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