Ext Rod – T45 Male 4′ All Thread


The description “Ext Rod – T45 Male 4 ‘All Thread” refers to a specific specification and configuration of an extension rod (Ext Rod). Here is a detailed explanation of this description:
Ext Rod: This is the abbreviation for “extension rod”, commonly used in drilling, rock drilling, or other applications that require the extension of tool or equipment length.
T45: This is likely a specific model, size, or specification code for the extension rod. The specific meaning may need to be determined based on the manufacturer or product documentation.
Male: This refers to the connecting part of the extension rod. In drilling or similar applications, rods usually have two types of connection ends, male and female, so that they can be connected to each other or to other equipment. The male end usually has a protruding threaded portion, while the female end has an internal thread for receiving the male end.
4 ‘: This indicates that the length of the extension rod is 4 feet It is the abbreviation for feet.
All Thread: This indicates that the outer surface of the entire extension rod is threaded. In drilling or connection applications, a fully threaded design can ensure a secure connection between rods, preventing loosening or fracture under high pressure or high torque.

Ext Rod - T45 Male 4' All Thread


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