Drill Steel, T38 Rope Thread X 1-1/2in


Drill steel with T38 rope thread and a length of 1-1/2 inches refers to a type of steel rod specifically designed for use in rock drilling applications. The T38 rope thread refers to the threading pattern at one end of the drill steel, which is designed to attach the drill steel to a drilling machine or rig using a rope or cable.

Here are some key points about drill steel with T38 rope thread and 1-1/2-inch length:

  1. Material: Drill steel is typically made from high-strength alloy steel that is designed to resist wear and breakage during rock drilling operations.
  2. T38 Rope Thread: The T38 rope thread is a standard threading pattern used in rock drilling applications. It allows the drill steel to be attached to the drill string using a rope or cable, which is then connected to the drilling machine or rig. This threading pattern ensures a secure connection between the drill steel and the rope or cable.
  3. Length: The 1-1/2-inch length refers to the overall length of the drill steel. This length is typically chosen based on the specific drilling application and the type of rock being drilled. Shorter lengths may be used for tighter spaces or when drilling through softer materials, while longer lengths may be required for deeper holes or harder rocks.
  4. Use: Drill steel with T38 rope thread and 1-1/2-inch length is commonly used in mining, quarrying, and other rock drilling applications. It is attached to the drill string and rotated by the drilling machine or rig to create a hole in the rock. As the drill steel rotates, the cutting edges on the drill bit at the other end scrape and shear away the rock material.
  5. Maintenance: Drill steel requires regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance. This includes sharpening the cutting edges, inspecting for cracks or damage, and replacing worn or damaged sections. Proper maintenance can extend the life of the drill steel and reduce downtime during drilling operations.


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