T45-R46-T45 MM Extension Drill Rod


“T45 Extension Drill Rod” usually refers to a type of drill pipe designed to extend or increase the effective working length of the drill bit. In geological exploration, mining, oil drilling, or similar industries, when drilling to deeper depths, this type of drill rod is used to extend the length of the drill bit.

“T45” may be a specific specification or model code used to identify the size, material, strength, or other characteristics of this drill pipe. However, it should be noted that “T45” is not a universally recognized international standard code, it may be a custom code for a specific manufacturer or industry.

T45-R46-T45 MM Extension Drill Rod

Extended drill rods typically have the following characteristics:

Length: The length of the drill pipe can be customized according to needs to adapt to different drilling depths.

Connectivity: The two ends of the drill pipe are designed with specific connection interfaces so that they can be connected to the drill bit and other drill pipes, forming a long and continuous drilling system.

Material: Drill pipes are usually made of high-strength, corrosion-resistant materials, such as steel or alloy steel, to ensure that they can withstand the pressure and wear during the drilling process.

Surface treatment: In order to increase the durability of drill pipes and reduce friction with rocks or other drilling materials, special treatments may be applied to the surface of drill pipes, such as coating with wear-resistant coatings or heat treatment.

Interchangeability: Drill pipes are usually interchangeable, which means that if a drill pipe is damaged or worn during the drilling process, it can be easily removed from the system and replaced with a new drill pipe.


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