Drill rod – T38-3.66M


Drill rod T38-3.66M is a specific specification and length of drill pipe that plays an important role in drilling operations. Here is a detailed introduction to this type of drill pipe:

Specifications and dimensions

T38: This usually refers to the diameter specification of the drill pipe or the standard connection thread. T38 drill rods may have a specific outer diameter and/or internal thread design for connecting to the corresponding drill bit, reamer, or other drilling tools.

3.66M: This indicates that the length of the drill pipe is 3.66 meters (or 366 centimeters). This length of drill pipe is usually used for medium depth drilling operations, allowing the driller to splice single or multiple drill pipes as needed to achieve the desired drilling depth.

Materials and Structures

Material: Drill rod T38-3.66M is usually made of high-strength and high toughness alloy steel. This material can withstand the enormous pressure and torque generated during the drilling process, while also having sufficient wear and corrosion resistance to adapt to various complex geological and working environments.

Structure: The structural design of drill pipes typically includes a smooth outer surface and an internal threaded connection. The outer surface may undergo special treatment to improve wear resistance and corrosion resistance, while the internal threads are used to connect with other drilling tools. Some drill pipes may also have special coatings or treatments to further improve their performance.


Drill rod T38-3.66M is mainly used for various drilling operations, including geological exploration, mineral exploitation, well drilling, foundation construction, etc. By connecting multiple drill rods together, a long drilling system can be formed to conduct drilling operations deep underground. This type of drill pipe can be used in conjunction with various drill bits and reamers to meet different drilling needs.

Features and advantages

High strength: The Drill rod T38-3.66M is made of high-strength alloy steel and can withstand high pressure and torque during drilling.

High wear resistance: The specially treated surface and internal structure give it excellent wear resistance and can be used for a long time in harsh working environments.

Easy to connect: The internal thread design allows the drill rod to be easily connected and disassembled with other drilling tools, improving work efficiency.

Long lifespan: High quality materials and structural design make this drill rod have a longer service life, reducing drilling costs.

matters needing attention

When using Drill rod T38-3.66M, ensure that the connection between the drill pipe and the drill bit or other drilling tools is firm and reliable to avoid breakage or detachment.

Regularly inspect the wear of drill pipes and replace severely worn ones in a timely manner to ensure the smooth progress of drilling operations.

When conducting drilling operations, relevant safety regulations and operating procedures should be followed to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment.

In summary, Drill rod T38-3.66M is a high-performance drill pipe product with high strength, wear resistance, and easy connection, playing an important role in various drilling operations.


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