Blasting drilling rods T38 T45 T51


Blasting drilling rods T38, T45, T51 usually refer to drilling rods used in geological exploration, mining, or other related industries. These drill pipes are classified as T38, T45, and T51 based on their diameter or specifications.

Here is a brief explanation of these specifications:

T38: This may refer to a certain size or specification of drill pipe, where “T” may represent “Thread” and “38” may represent a specific diameter or size. However, this is not an international standard naming convention, so the specific dimensions may vary depending on the manufacturer or industry standards.

T45: Similar to T38, T45 may also represent a drill pipe with a specific size or specification. Similarly, specific dimensions and parameters may vary depending on the manufacturer and industry standards.

T51: This is another possible drill pipe specification. Like T38 and T45, the specific dimensions and parameters of T51 will depend on the manufacturer and industry standards.

When selecting and using these drill rods, it is important to refer to the manufacturer’s specification sheet to ensure that the drill rods are compatible with your drilling equipment and other related components. In addition, proper use and maintenance are also key to ensuring the performance and lifespan of drill pipes.

Please note that these specifications may differ in practical applications as they are not internationally recognized naming conventions. Therefore, if you need detailed information about a specific drill pipe, be sure to refer to the manufacturer’s specification sheet or contact a professional drilling equipment supplier.

Product Model:

T38 Extension Rod
T38-Round39-T38, flushing hole 14.5mm, wrench flat 32mm
LengthDiameterWeightPart NumberProduct Code
12204391 1/210.24148300770ER39-T38-1220
15255391 1/212.84148300771ER39-T38-1525
18306391 1/215.34148300772ER39-T38-1830
24358391 1/220.44148300773ER39-T38-2435
305010391 1/225.54148300774ER39-T38-3050
366012391 1/230.94148300775ER39-T38-3660
396513391 1/233.24148300776ER39-T38-3965
427014391 1/235.74148300777ER39-T38-4270,
488016391 1/2414148300778ER39-T38-4880
553018 1/7391 1/246.34148300779ER39-T38-5530
609520391 1/250.94148300780ER39-T38-6095
T38 Hex Extension Rod
T38-Hex32-T38, Flushing Hole 9.6 mm
LengthDiameterWeightPart NumberProduct Code
12204321 1/48.604148300791ERH32-T38-1220
18306321 1/412.604148300792ERH32-T38-1830
24358321 1/416.604148300793ERH32-T38-2435
305010321 1/420.804148300794ERH32-T38-3050
366012321 1/424.904148300795ERH32-T38-3660
T38 MF Rod
T38-Round39-T38, Flushing Hole 14.5 mm
LengthDiameterWeightPart NumberProduct Code
9153391 1/210.704148300781MF39-T38-915
12204391 1/213.304148300782MF39-T38-1220
15255391 1/215.804148300783MF39-T38-1525
18306391 1/218.304148300784MF39-T38-1830
305010391 1/228.504148300785MF39-T38-3050
366012391 1/233.604148300786MF39-T38-3660
427014391 1/238.704148300787MF39-T38-4270
488016391 1/243.704148300788MF39-T38-4880
553018 1/7391 1/249.204148300789MF39-T38-5530
609520391 1/253.904148300790MF39-T38-6095


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