4 Inch / 6 Inch T38 Hex Extension Rod Threaded Drill Rod


Description of the 4 Inch / 6 Inch T38 Hex Extension Rod Threaded Drill Rod

Our T38 Hex Extension Rod Threaded Drill Rods, available in 4 inch and 6 inch lengths, are designed to enhance drilling precision. When used as the initial rod in a standard drill string, they contribute significantly to improved drilling accuracy. Additionally, owing to their speed rod design, they produce straighter holes and achieve at least a 10% higher penetration rate in favorable rock conditions compared to traditional rod and coupling sleeve systems.

The material chosen for these drill rods is subjected to rigorous heat treatment to unleash its full potential, ensuring that only the finest material and heat treatment processes are utilized.

Technical Specifications

Thread System: T38
Color: Customizable based on customer requirements
Material: Tungsten carbide and high-strength alloy steel
Processing: CNC milling and proprietary heat treatment process
Type: T38 Hex Extension Rod with T38-Hex 32-T38 Flushing Hole of 9.6 mm

Underground Mining
Competitive Advantage

These drill rods are crafted from high-strength chromium-molybdenum steel, which boasts exceptional fatigue strength and wear resistance, making them a superior choice for demanding applications.


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