T45 MF 3660mm drill rod


T45 MF 3660mm drill rod is a specific specification and type of drill pipe commonly used in rock drilling machinery or drilling equipment. Here are some basic explanations and characteristics of this type of drill pipe:

Specifications and dimensions:

T45: This usually refers to the thread type or specification of the drill pipe, which determines the way the drill pipe is connected to the drilling rig or other equipment.

MF: This may be an identifier for the manufacturer or product line, used to distinguish different types or brands of drill pipes.

3660mm: This is the length of the drill pipe, indicating that it is 3660mm (or approximately 12 feet).


This type of drill pipe is commonly used for various drilling and rock drilling operations, including well drilling, tunnel excavation, energy and mineral exploration, etc. Its length and specifications make it particularly suitable for operations that require deep drilling or specific threaded connections.

Materials and structures:

Drill pipes are usually made of high-strength steel or other alloys to ensure they can withstand pressure and wear during the drilling process.

The structural design of drill pipes typically includes threaded connections for connecting to drilling rigs or other drill pipes, as well as possible internal channels for transporting water, mud, or other drilling media.

Features and precautions:

Different drill pipes may have different characteristics, such as wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, etc., to adapt to different operating environments and requirements.

When using drill pipes, attention should be paid to their maintenance and upkeep to extend their service life and ensure safe operation.

When purchasing or renting drill pipes, please make sure to choose products that meet your operational needs and specifications, and consult professionals or manufacturers for more information and advice.


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