T38 Round Heavy Duty Extension Rod


T38 Round Heavy Duty Extension Rod usually refers to a cylindrical extension rod or connecting rod with specific specifications and load-bearing capacity. This extension rod may be used for various industrial, construction, agricultural, or mechanical applications to extend the operating range of tools or equipment.

Here are some basic features of the T38 Round Heavy Duty Extension Rod:

Specification: T38 may refer to the diameter of the rod or a specific industry standard code. The specific dimensions may vary depending on the manufacturer or application.

Material: This type of rod is usually made of high-strength metal, such as steel or alloy, to ensure its ability to withstand high loads and frequent use.

Load bearing capacity: As it is marked as “heavy”, it should have a relatively high load-bearing capacity, suitable for applications that require support or transfer of a large amount of weight.

Application: It may be used on construction sites, factories, farms, or other places that require expanding the scope of tool or equipment operation. It may be used in conjunction with other tools or equipment, such as drills, wrenches, hammers, etc.

Safety: As it is designed to withstand high loads, it is necessary to follow correct usage and maintenance procedures to ensure the safety of operators and prevent equipment damage.


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