Shandike button bit t38 64mm (2 1/2″) 


T38 64mm thread button drill bits are made by high quality alloy steel bar. Through heat treatment, our drilling tools are tough enough to meet rock drilling demands and have the least loss of energy while drilling the rocks.

Besides, Shandike can design customized thread button drill bits according to different drilling application, and custom drill bits are applicable to drill soft rock, loose-medium rock and hard rock.

Less buttons but bigger buttons:

It has relatively lower penetration rate, but the carbide is not easy to wear, so it has longer life span.It is for soft, medium hard and low abrasve rock formation.

More buttons but smaller buttons:

It has higher penetration rate, but the carbide is easy to wear, so it has longer life span.

It is for very hard and high abrasive rock formation.


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