Rock Drill Extension Rod MF T38 T45 T51 R32 R38


Extension Rod Rock drifting and extension drill rods are for in drifting, tunneling, long-hole drilling, bench and production drilling industries. These rods are produced with round or hexagonal sections in all common thread designs, and in Male/Male (M/M) or Male/Female (M/F) connections.

Design features

High strength: These extension rods are designed to withstand high stress and impact forces during the drilling process, ensuring the continuity and safety of drilling operations.

Wear resistance: The surface is specially treated to improve wear resistance and extend its service life.

Corrosion resistance: Using corrosion-resistant materials or surface coatings to ensure stable performance even in humid or corrosive environments.

Easy to connect: Use standard threaded connections or other quick connection methods to ensure compatibility with other drilling equipment and convenience of connection.

Material properties

High quality alloy steel: MF R32 extension rods are usually made of high-strength alloy steel to ensure their strength and durability.

Heat treatment: After heat treatment to enhance its mechanical properties, such as tensile strength and yield strength.

Usage scenarios

Geological exploration: used for drilling rock layers in the exploration process of oil, natural gas, and mineral resources.

Basic engineering: used for drilling and reinforcing rock layers in the foundation treatment of bridges, high-rise buildings, and other buildings.

Other drilling applications: such as well drilling, tunnel engineering, underground pipeline laying, etc.

technical specifications

Length: The specific length may vary depending on the manufacturer and product model, but is usually suitable for scenarios that require extended drilling depth.

Diameter: Depending on the model and purpose, the diameter may also vary.

Connection method: Use standard threaded connection or other quick connection methods.

Maintenance and upkeep

Cleaning: After use, the soil and impurities on the surface of the extension rod should be cleaned in a timely manner to prevent corrosion and wear.

Lubrication: Apply an appropriate amount of lubricant to the threaded connection to reduce wear and friction.

Inspection: Regularly check the wear and damage of the extension rod, and replace or repair it in a timely manner if necessary.

Storage: Store in a dry, ventilated, and dust-free environment, avoiding prolonged exposure to damp or corrosive environments.

Please note that the above technical information is a simplified overview, and the specific technical specifications and performance parameters of the Rock Drill Extension Rod MF R32 may vary depending on the manufacturer and product model. Before purchasing, please be sure to check the technical specifications and instructions provided by the manufacturer.


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