Integral Drill Steel B22 B19


Integral Drill Steel is a professional term in mechanical engineering, specifically referring to a type of drilling tool that integrates a drill tail, drill rod, and drill head. The following is a detailed

Integral Drill Steel B22 B19

introduction to the overall steel brazing:

Definition and structure: Integrated steel brazing is an integrated tool consisting of three parts: the brazing tail, the brazing rod, and the brazing head, which are closely integrated during the manufacturing process to form a complete tool. This design enables the overall steel brazing to have higher strength and stability during use.

Usage: The integral steel drill bit is mainly used in conjunction with rock drills to drill rock holes, and is widely used in mining, hydropower construction, tunnel excavation, mining, rock drilling, as well as engineering fields such as mines, roads, and tunnels. In these projects, the overall steel drill can efficiently complete drilling tasks and improve engineering efficiency.

Advantages: The overall steel drill has advantages such as good transmission performance, improved drilling speed and efficiency. Due to its integrated design, the overall steel brazing is more stable during use, reducing failures caused by loose or detached components. In addition, the material of the overall steel brazing is usually high-strength steel, which has high wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and can adapt to various complex working environments.

Models and specifications: There are various models and specifications of overall steel brazing, such as B22 and B19 models. There are also multiple options for the types of drill bits, including straight and cross shapes. The length of the drill rod can be adjusted according to specific needs, ranging from 0.5m to 9m. There are also various sizes available for drilling, usually between 23mm and 43mm.

Usage and supporting equipment: The integral steel drill is usually used in conjunction with pneumatic rock drills, which drive the integral steel drill for drilling operations through the impact and rotation forces of the rock drill. Integrated steel drills are mainly used in fields such as quarrying and shallow hole rock drilling, and can meet the requirements of different engineering projects for drilling depth and accuracy.


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