H22*108 Tapered Drill Rod Z708


The H22*108 Tapered Drill Rod Z708 is a precision-engineered tool designed for various drilling applications. Here is a detailed description of its specifications and features:

Product Name: H22*108 Tapered Drill Rod Z708

Manufacturer: Atlas

Diameter: The initial diameter of the drill rod is H22, indicating a specific metric or imperial size that is suitable for the intended application. However, since it is a tapered drill rod, the diameter gradually decreases from one end to the other.

Length: The drill rod is 108 units long, typically in millimeters or inches, depending on the manufacturer’s specifications. This length allows for deep drilling operations or for reaching into tight spaces.

taper drill rod

Material: The Z708 drill rod is made from high-grade steel or a similar alloy that provides durability, strength, and resistance to wear and tear. This material ensures that the drill rod can withstand the forces and temperatures encountered during drilling operations.

Tapered Design: The tapered shape of the drill rod allows for gradual enlargement of the hole diameter as the drill progresses. This design is beneficial in applications where a stepped or variable-diameter hole is required. The taper angle and rate of diameter change are carefully controlled to ensure accurate hole sizes and smooth drilling.

Applications: The H22*108 Tapered Drill Rod Z708 is suitable for a wide range of drilling applications, including construction, manufacturing, and machining. It can be used with hand-held drills, drill presses, or CNC machines to create precise holes in various materials such as metal, plastic, wood, and composites.

Advantages: The Z708 drill rod offers several advantages, including its high-grade material, precision engineering, and tapered design. It is capable of achieving accurate hole sizes and smooth finishes, while also resisting breakage and wear during prolonged use.

Overall, the H22*108 Tapered Drill Rod Z708 is a reliable and versatile tool that is suitable for a wide range of drilling applications. Its precision-engineered design and high-grade material ensure durability and accuracy, making it a valuable addition to any workshop or toolbox.

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